Decisive and Empathetic

Direction and management of York Region Christian Senior Homes Inc. (YRCSHI) is driven by its Board of Directors which are nominated from membership and elected to serve three-year terms. Directors also serve on the following committees: Building, Finance, Long-Range Planning, Healthcare, Residential/Property Management; and Sales and Marketing.



(as of November 1, 2018)

Simon Frankruyter1, 3
Board Chair
Manufacturing executive

David Hillier2

Marg Mount3,4
Board Secretary
Health care professional

Al Romkema2, 3
Retired commercial banker



1 Building
2 Finance
3 Development
4 Healthcare
5 Residential/Property Management
6 Sales and Marketing


Tom Hendriks1
Construction management

Art Miedema2, CPA
Board Treasurer

John Kalsbeek1,5
Sales Executive

Ruth Street6
Vice Chair